English B2 FCE

Word Formation - (B2) First Certificate of English

For Questions 1-8, read the text below. Use the word given in capitals to form a word that fits in the gap. There is an example at the beginning (0).

Our changing way of life

Change happens (0) CONSTANTLY (CONSTANT) as the last 50 years have proved. Some changes, such as air travel, the Internet and mobile phones, provide ease and (1) ............ (CONVENIENT) . Others, like access to education, have had a deeper impact. Nothing has had a bigger influence on our lives than recent changes in education. Fifty years ago, education was considered by some an (2) ............ (NECESSARY) luxury. Nowadays, however, education isn't just a privilege for the CHOSEN (CHOOSE) few. Young men and women from all areas of life are becoming (3) ............ (PROFESSION) and improving their quality of life. This will be BENEFICIAL (BENEFIT) to future generations because a better-educated society is a fairer and more skilled one. (4) ............ (IRONY) , however, the change from rural to urban living that drove people to cities in search of better opportunities has led to several modem-day problems. City dwellers have become less (5) ............ (HEALTH). They no longer eat fresh farm food, and instead, prefer ready meals and fast food. Urban RESIDENTS (RESIDE) no longer exercise by working the land. They use their cars instead of walking. Even though we are so (6) ............ (TECHNOLOGY) advanced, we are also (7) ............ (FOOL). We destroy our forests, build more cars and roads, and eat rubbish. (8) ............ (ENVIRONMENT) will all tell you that the future looks bleak.More change is on the way and, unless we change the way we think, the next fifty years will be very difficult.

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